Types of companies, for example, fund companies, people companies, and professional companies.

The last companies Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia created a one-person company, and opened the way for companies (the external investor) to invest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and obtain the same advantages that are available to local companies. It is important that for the foreign companies to have legal support in establishing companies, their merger, acquisition, and obtaining an investment license within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and obtaining legal advice for existing companies, to support and enhance their legal status.

Our Law Firm provides the following legal services:

1- Establishing companies of all types prescribed by law, joint-stock companies (public / closed) and drafting partners' decisions.

2- Acquisitions and Mergers:

- Preparing and reviewing contracts and agreements to transfer ownership and decisions of partners.

- Negotiation management.

- Direct legal procedures.

- Preparing the legal examination report for the establishment that covers all aspects.

3- Registration of commercial agencies:

- contract drafting.

- Regular registration and registration procedures.